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FACT works through education: We oppose extreme fossil fuel extraction processes that harm the environment, damage communities, stress local economies, and threaten human health. We recognize that unsustainable practices contribute to economic inequality and impose a disproportionate burden on underrepresented, low income and minority communities.

We work to create clean, renewable energy generation with fair representation and local control for safe, healthy communities.

We develop programs and presentations as well as informational materials that are used by FaCT participants to educate their own faith communities and the larger communities in which they are located.

Calling on conversation as an effective means of educating, we seek to grow the number of FaCT participants and faith communities, providing opportunities to reach individuals with whom they have relationships.

We recognize that clean, renewable energy can be safely produced using current technology. Fossil fuels should be used only in a limited way as part of a quick transition to a system where all energy is supplied by safe, sustainable sources. Any extraction, processing, transport or transmission of hydrocarbons must be done with informed local consent in the safest possible manner under the guidelines of thorough and appropriate regulations that are rigorously enforced to honor and respect the rights of workers, landowners, and communities.

FACT works through advocacy and action: We publish our positions on our website, Facebook, Twitter, via media releases, at community events, and by contacting elected officials, asserting our roles as advocates for changes in government regulations and laws that bear on these issues.

We assist concerned citizens and communities seeking to protect their air, water, and soil and the health and safety of their residents against the devastation of predatory capitalism. We do this through the use of local and state initiatives organized by groups throughout Ohio, and through movements created nationally and internationally.

We cooperate with other environmental organizations in public demonstrations against destructive activities such as fracking, storage of toxic and radioactive fracking waste, and the Ohio Valley petrochemical build-out. We call for replacing fossil fuels with energy conservation, community and personal lifestyle changes, and safe, renewable energy sources. We believe the sustainability for which we advocate is possible by 2050. We support actions that move us towards local, healthy food sources; reduced use of plastics; clean, public transportation; preservation of natural areas, and a just transition to safe, sustainable jobs.

We draw on the ethical principles of our various moral traditions to preserve and protect the earth’s interconnected web of life. Faith communities represent strong and caring individuals with the power to effect change.

West Shore FaCT meets on the 4th Wednesday monthly from 6pm-7pm at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Rocky River. We meet both in person and online. Contact us at westshorefact@gmail.com for meeting links.

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West Shore FaCT on FacebookPlease join us on Facebook to have discussions and read related info on what we and others are doing to help protect the air, water and soil.

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Upcoming Events and News

We have bimonthly meetings at West Shore, and there are many other events that we promote and attend. Please check our blog for more news and event details, and our events page for quick summaries of upcoming events.

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