June 18, 2013 – Call-in Day to Advocate HB148, Banning Injection Wells

From Food & Water Watch:

Hi Friends,

Last year, Ohio was the dumping ground nearly 600 million gallons of toxic fracking waste, with more than half of that waste coming from out-of-state fracking operations. A whole slew of chemicals that can compromise human health and the environment have been found in fracking waste. But, the state still won’t make fracking companies tell us what’s in it. They just let them dump it beneath our feet. We also know that underground injection has caused earthquakes, but regulators tell us they fixed that problem. They failed to mention that they don’t really know how to prevent earthquakes. And here’s where we’re really taking a gamble – this waste has been shown to be radioactive time and again – and our regulators think it’s no big deal.

Before our Representatives take their summer break, we’re calling to let them know about the dangerous threat the fracking waste poses for our state and ask for their support on House Bill 148, which would ban underground injection of toxic and potentially radioactive fracking waste.

Tuesday, June 18th from 9am to 5pm let’s keep the phone lines busy and let our elected representatives know that we don’t want Ohio to be a toxic dumping ground!

Calling takes two minutes! Here’s how:

1) Click this link: http://www.bit.ly/June18Call, fill out your address and we’ll call you to connect to your legislator’s office!

2) Tell your Representative’s office:
“As a constituent, I urge Representative _______ to support House Bill 148, which would ban injection wells used for fracking waste to protect the health and safety of Ohioans. Our state should not be used as a dumping ground for oil and gas waste.”

3) Make sure to tell us about their position if they offered it, and then invite friends to make the call.