Fossil Fuel Sacrifice Zones

Guernsey County is in the center of beautiful Ohio with rolling fields and a historic state park.

Kevin and Marlene Young have owned property in Guernsey for 47 years, investing time, savings, and labor into their 21 acres. They built their home here, with space for horses, stables, a half-mile race track, and workspace to modify street rods. As the Youngs neared retirement they looked forward to enjoying the land that they worked on for so long.

In 2016 Caithness Energy took over the land across from their home. The massive Guernsey Natural Gas Power Station is now under construction in their front yard.

The Youngs have faced semis rolling past their house, silicon dust clouding the air, tainted water in their wells, and flooding all around them. Their horses have had to receive breathing treatments and walls in their house have cracked.

Kevin and Marlene have seen the destruction of their acreage. They sought help from the Ohio EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, PUCO, and the Sheriff, but no one wielded enough influence to stop Caithness Energy or limit the construction of the gas-burning Power Station that is rendering their property an unhealthy place to live and too toxic to sell.

This drone footage from FrakTracker Alliance covers part of the Youngs’ property adjacent to the Guernsey Natural Gas Power Station.