Anti-Protest Legislation

Alison Grant A bill heightening penalties for protests near oil and gas pipelines appeared in February 2019 in the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee. Observers quickly understood SB33 as an attempt to stifle protests aimed at the fossil fuel industry – in particular the fracking operations spreading rapidly across eastern and southeastern regions of the state. […]

Radon: Is this dangerous gas in your home?

Dr. Randi Pokladnik, PhD Environmental Studies The first time I heard of radon gas was about thirty years ago. A neighbor who lived a few doors down the street from us in Toronto, Ohio was trying to sell her parents’ home. They had both passed away from cancer. Her realtor suggested she do a radon […]

An Examination of Current Plastic Policies with Proposals for the State of Ohio

By: Alicia Goddard 12/6/2021 Index ——————————————————————————————— Page 3: Introduction and Historic Overview of Plastics Page 4: Benefits of Plastics Page 5: Increase in Plastic Use Page 6: Negatives Associated with Plastics Page 7: International Relationships Page 8: Environmental Costs  Page 10: Values and Costs Page 13: Towards Robust Policy Development for the State of Ohio […]

Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Blatantly Gerrymandered Districts

By Anne Caruso In 2015 Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to amend the Ohio Constitution to require fair district maps for state elections. These maps were to be drawn by a bi-partisan Ohio Redistricting Commission whose membership would favor the party in power. The current commission is composed of 2 Democrats and 5 Republicans.  Last year this […]

Don’t Look Down: Frack Waste in Martins Ferry

by Randi Pokladnik, PhD Recently, I took a drive around the streets surrounding the 4K Industrial Park in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Part of the industrial park includes buildings that were once part of old Wheeling-Pittsburg Steel. The area sits in a flood plain along the Ohio River. About 2500 feet from the site is the […]

Was COP 26 Up to the Challenge?

By Anne Caruso,  November 18, 2021 From November 1-14, 2021, 197 Heads of State met in Glasgow for COP26. This was the 26th time since 1995 that world leaders met at a Conference of Parties (COP) to the Paris Climate Agreement addressing the planet’s changing climate due to heightened greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. The goal […]

Redistricting Hearings in Ohio

I would like to draw your attention to the issue of unfair representation of my neighborhood and of neighborhoods across the state.  Pew Research Center indicates that 42% of voting Ohioans lean toward policies held by Republicans, 40% lean toward policies held by Democrats and 18% have no party affiliation. To ensure fair representation in […]