Protest against Keystone XL Pipeline Saturday Feb 15 @ 11 AM

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15, 11 AM – 1 PM (Cleveland) Protest against Keystone XL Pipeline Join the protest this Saturday, February 15th, against the Keystone XL Pipeline. We’ll gather across from the West Side Market from 11am to 1pm to pass out literature and remind those who see us that we must raise out voices against […]

What you wish you didn’t know about fracking

“Asthma. Hair loss. Burning eyes. Burning skin. Tremors. Mouth ulcers. Heart palpitations. Stomach cramps. Headaches. Nosebleeds. Vomiting. Projectile diarrhea. Lesions. Loss of balance. Slurred speech. Spitting blood. Abscessed teeth. Sick horses. Dead goats. Dead dogs, dead chickens, dead cats. Dead cows.” Read more…