What you wish you didn’t know about fracking

“Asthma. Hair loss. Burning eyes. Burning skin. Tremors. Mouth ulcers. Heart palpitations. Stomach cramps. Headaches. Nosebleeds. Vomiting. Projectile diarrhea. Lesions. Loss of balance. Slurred speech. Spitting blood. Abscessed teeth. Sick horses. Dead goats. Dead dogs, dead chickens, dead cats. Dead cows.” Read more…

Invite to Free Film: “Triple Divide” on Sept. 21 @ 7 in Rocky River

Investigative journalists Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman interview industry giants and advocates, studied exclusive reports with impacted landowners, and uncovered state documents and expert testimonies on their journey to explore the fracking industry and shed light on fracking’s impact on our drinking water.